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Everyday billions of people around the world wake up to new technologies that are making life easier, right from the alarm clock that now also tracks sleep patterns, the zillion or so apps that help with a healthy lifestyle, travel and shopping to the accurate navigation systems that helps us reach our destination safely. Times are changing, and they’re changing fast.

The three co-founders started Amexs Technologies back in 2013, the pre decessor of Centillion, as a place where innovation and quality would become the cornerstones of work ethic.

By 2016, Amexs Technologies had amassed over 300 clients, gaining a solid foothold in the IT industry and building on the back of a reliable technology stack along with a dedicated team that took challenges as opportunities.

Our Company

We don’t merely recognize the concept of change, we are an embodiment of this change; since we were also born as a result of change & innovation.

Since our inception, we have had talents from Brazil, Italy, Taiwan, the Netherlands, China, and the USA working in different capacities over different periods. We also have a culture of celebrating diversity in the workplace, which we believe is an integral part of any work place.

True progress in terms of technology is not when we master the technologies of the present, but when we develop products and services that are built to take on the future needs, anticipating change in a precise and decisive manner.

At Centillion, we are already in the process of developing creative solutions, reviewing next generation technology coupled with unique business insights, that make the services more relevant to the current market and ready to take on any future challenges.

What sets us apart from rest of the industry is the dynamic approach that we have and the successfully diminishiing gap between graduates and trained professional